Mission Statement


Dedicated to upholding excellence service and workmanship

Through professionalism, responsiveness and dedication Orsee Design Associates adheres to the highest ethical principals to bring quality and innovative design to its clients. Our mission is to provide aesthetic, ecologically conscience environments that harmonize and blend with the natural surroundings of a landscape. Orsee Design Associates upholds its reputation for meeting strict deadlines and aggressive scheduling.


Uses state of the art tools and technology

Orsee Design Associates' experience with Autodesk includes proficiency with AutoCAD 2008 and it's various support tools and applications. Enhanced features of AutoCAD 2008, including layer and Xreference management, hatch editing and table creation, are utilized in our everyday work. Orsee Design Associates effectively manages large numbers of consultant files and employs CAD standard checks to ensure compliance with project requirements. Orsee Design also has worked extensively with Autodesk's Buzzsaw and Design Review for project management and coordination. In conjunction with Autodesk applications, Orsee regularly works with Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator as well as Microstation and Sketchup to create support and technical documents and presentations.


Seamless execution into existing themes or streetscapes

By using existing or indigenous plant material, thoughtful planning can create landscapes that transition invisibly into itself. By carefully choosing site furnishings that compliment an areas architecture or design concept Orsee joins art, design, preservation and/or rehabilitation of a streetscape or landscape.

Orsee Design integrates existing information and original materials to seamlessly execute themes or streetscapes. From the development stage, where gathering information and interpreting the drawings of other disciplines is necessary, to the designing terms and conditions from surveys and other generated information or materials.